Mural Fest

Aron Kalaii



Emerson Elementray School
Southern & Georgia, International District

The 70's House

Broadway & Lead
320 Broadway SE, EDo

Aron Kalaii is a multitalented multicultural visual artist with a creative eye for making, mixing color and bringing a powerful-warm feeling easily impressed upon by the viewer. Aron has been an Artist since the age of 5 and since then has easily made a living by being a independent artist. Mastering sketching by the age of 12, he found himself in college level art in his first year of highschool and later attending V.C.U. Virginia Commonwealth University. Born in Durham NC being the son of a Martial Arts master/ College Professor and a Spanish teacher. Aron Kalaii has many different cultures that have influenced his inspiration. His parents both being products of interracial relationships, his mother an Afro-Spaniard/ Puerto Rican/ Mowhawk and his Father a Afro-Cherokee/ Irish-Jamaican. His arwork caters to the modern day multiculturalist and to those who choose to be put in another world of imagination.

Aron Kalaii expertise is depth of field and cover wall sizes with his work. All of his works are mixed media and imagery with an empowering message. Being a live artist and working with oil paint techniqes yet applying acrylic as the medium. Not using any slow drying mediums to prolong time, Aron Kalaii prides himself on direction and vision. Art is the journey of meditation which its time is a musical release.