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Our core beliefs revolve around four pillars:

Social Impact
Sustainable Business Development
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Mural Fest 2022 • Bali, Indonesia
Mural Fest is an arts & cultural festival that funds social impact initiatives. 2022 finds our festival on Bali, Indonesia. Here we will be creating murals, shooting a film and producing concerts throughout the island from July through November. Each mural, band and film crew are paired with local NGOs and their murals, songs and films are then minted into NFT collections. AR is then embedded into the murals giving each piece greater depth and interactivity. This will be the first AR - NFT public art festival in Indonesia and we welcome you to join us in this unique experience.

Mural Fest is more than just paint on walls, it is a community driven, economic boosting, reality suspending series of events that feature: Large-Scale Public Art Pieces being created live with Markets & Art Bazaars, Art Exhibitions, AR Experiences, Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, Performing Arts, Kids Activities, Artist Panels, Masterclasses & Workshops, Live Music & DJ’s, Culinary Arts, Scavenger Hunts, Contests, Guided Tours and Conferences on NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain, the Metaverse, Health & Wellness, Sustainability, Social Impact and so much more...

The Evolution of Philanthropy
Allow us to introduce you to Social Impact NFTs.
Changing the Paradigm from Donation to Investment.

We develop funding models for high-impact NGOs by minting NFT collections from public art projects created during Mural Fest. These NFTs generate wealth that directly support local NGOs and social impact initiatives that serve the planet, wildlife and the people of Bali.

We have created a new platform for philanthropists where we give donors greater security and transparency when supporting NGOs and social impact initiatives.

The NGOs on our platform are fully vetted and donors know exactly where every penny is spent with the implementation of blockchain technology, granting full transparency of funds and KPIs. What was once a donation is now an investment that comes with perks and social impact credits.

We are Social Impact Warriors!!!
NFTs, event production and app development are only tools we use in empowering high impact NGOs, our artist communities and to drive traffic to local businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic.

We bring art, music and film onto the blockchain to build communities that find solutions to some of the most pressing issues we face today.

Building schools and orphanages, cleaning our oceans of plastic, developing recycling & water projects, feeding the hungry and being the voice of the voiceless are just a few of the ways in which we build community while serving the planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

We embrace web3 and all tools that help us to achieve our goals of living in a more sustainable world with access to upward mobility for ALL.

Call To... Artists, NGOs, Sponsors, Partners & Volunteers.
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July - November, 2022

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One great way for you to support our local NGOs and artist communities is to become an official sponsor of Mural Fest 2022 • Bali, Indonesia. We offer a variety of packages that showcase your brand in year-round advertising and marketing campaigns. For more information please contact:

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Back in the Day
Our past festivals in 2017 & 2018 were located in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we produced the largest public art festival in the history of the state and became one of the largest public art festivals in the world. Within one year we created 100 murals throughout the city, painted over 50,000 sq/ft., partnered with over 200 local businesses and dozens of NGOs as well as The City, County & State all to help make Albuquerque a safer and more beautiful place to raise a family.