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Plastic Exchange logo | Mural Fest 2022 • Bali Collective
Plastic Exchange

Short Film by GoodForm

Sustainability movement that empowers communities to change their waste behavior through dignity-based exchange systems that result in a cleaner, healthier environment.
Composting Hole Solution (Tebe Moderen) for 300 homes in Batuagi, Tabanan
The Problem
Trash mixture of organic and non-organic releases toxic fumes and greenhouse gasses.

60-70% of trash sent to the landfill is organic.

14% of trash sent to the landfill is plastic.
By separating waste at the source (within each home) before it becomes trash, we can create value from our waste AND eliminate harmful environmental impacts. Separation of trash (organic & non-organic) from the source (home).

Each household requires 2 (two) holes: Hole #1 takes 6-12 months to fill depending on household size at which point Hole #2 is filled. Once Hole #2 is filled, Hole #1 is ready to harvest compost and the process is repeated.

Organic matter is turned to compost via the composting holes & non-organic is sold or bartered.
Expected Impact
Village composting 100% of their own organic waste and no longer requiring a truck to handle waste transport to the landfill.

This would save the village: the price of the trash transport vehicle, truck maintenance, truck fuel, truck workers and landfill fees.

Potential to reduce village waste being released into environment and landfill by 100%
Raising Goals
900,000,000IDR • $60,000USD
Impact NFT
Plastic Exchange • 995 IDR
Google Play • Android
Safari • iPhone