Mural Fest

Jaque Fragua & Mauricio Ramirez

Albuquerque & Chicago

Copper Building
Copper & 6th NW, Downtown

Mauricio Ramirez
I am an architect of letters and icons since childhood, when each family gathering was an opportunity to replicate a gang symbol or sketch by an older cousin. The urban landscape became my canvas at a young age, but my paint soon found its way onto stretched fabric, where ideas were allowed to pool, eddy or flood as my heart desired.

My work is contemplation on copying and a compilation of the forgotten lives of signs, entangling references of the traditions of “tagging” and “throw-ups” from graffiti culture with sublime colors, familiar figures, and satisfyingly straight lines. Recently, after the past 3 years I have ended my position as artist in residence at Lacuna Artist Lofts in Chicago and made my way down to the southwest to continue my artistic endeavors. In 2014-20015, Some of my clients include Microsoft, VH1, Red Bull, Peroni, Farmer's Fridge, I.W. Harper, Bud Light Super Bowl XLIV, Grateful Dead, Blackwell Jamaican Rum, Samuel Adams, and Angelus Shoe Polish, and have shown in galleries in Springfield, Chicago, and Milwaukee. You can also see my work on walls and freights throughout the Midwest US, and catch my smooth lines on the exteriors of private jets.