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R.O.L.E. Foundation

artist: Ari Puguh aka Arylosophy
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R.O.L.E. Foundation
Rivers, Oceans, Lands, and Ecology (R.O.L.E.) is working with local communities to create environmentally-friendly jobs and to revitalize coastal and rural environments. From that point, the mission and activities of the Foundation evolved, recognising the link between poverty and the environment and that many people in Bali living in poverty do not benefit from the island’s prosperous, tourism-driven economy.
Bali WISE (Women of Indonesia Skills Education)
The Problem
It is often poor and less educated girls and young women that fall through the cracks in Bali’s tourism driven economy.

For families living in poverty, priority is commonly given to education for boys. Without skills, women, particularly village women, have restricted access to employment outside the home and rarely find a path out of poverty.

At best, they cannot achieve their potential on a personal or community level. At worst, they are at-risk for exploitation and trafficking.
The Bali WISE program offers an alternative to break the poverty cycle through training targeting young women between the ages of 17-24.

Students attend a six month training program that offers both classroom and practical experience. In the second semester students are placed in “5 stars education partner” hotels, spas, and travel agencies for practical job training. All students are on a scholarship basis including accommodation, meals, transport, uniform and study books.

To help students continue their education, the program also provides a monthly stipend for each student.
Expected Impact
To sponsor the education of at least 5 Bali WISE students, 87% of students find skilled, sustainable employment in the hospitality sector.

For each student that gains employment, one family is on the road out of the poverty cycle.
Raising Goals
91,284,050IDR • $6,210USD

Ari Puguh aka Arylosophy
Masterclass on Story Telling
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The Push
Ari Puguh aka Arylosophy, is an Indonesian artist, illustrator & children’s book author based in between UAE, USA & Indonesia. His works are mostly dedicated to the children's world & children's at heart, focusing on bringing the value of oneness, connection & hope.

The development of his attentiveness in child culture started when I experienced an unpleasant childhood; living in poverty, injustices treatments, and lack of support and care brought me to my mission of helping as well as motivating children no matter what circumstances and limitations they have.

Believing all children should have the same right to reach whatever they want to pursue in their future, drives his need to give back by contributing to something that I was missing, giving hope and inspiration to children, and bringing togetherness values in my work.

By far, he had been creating games, educational e-learning content, books, drawings, sculptures, installations & paintings that are distributed internationally. With clients such as Adobe, UN, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism, Sharjah Children Biennial, etc. 

Impact NFT
Ari Puguh • 995 IDR
Google Play • Android
Safari • iPhone