Mural Fest

Seeds for a Child

artist: Dwyma Adinatha aka Dwymabim
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Dwymabim • 375 IDR
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Seeds for a Child


Seeds For a Child is a social enterprise, whose purpose is to propose sustainable ways of living in harmony with their culture, environment, and the world.
Seeds for a Child
The Problem
Research has shown that family income impacts on children's lives and development in a variety of ways. Living on a low-income increases parents emotional levels, in turn affecting relationships and family dynamics. Poverty is an issue that has been going on in loops preventing children to dream big and to manifest in their dreams.
Change the program of poverty by bringing children to dare to dream loud, showing them how to manifest their dreams by pushing them into their creativity and initiating them to different skills.
Expected Impact
Provides income possibilities for local communities and artists through creative empowerment.

Increases in families income which can boost children's educational achievements, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Seeds for a child empowers children to dream big and develop skills aiming to break poverty loops.
Raising Goals
94JT • $6,395USD

Dwyma Adinatha aka Dwymabim

Visual Artist. Dwymabim sees art from a female figure, be it expressions, body gestures, etc. As well as seeing the social conditions and phenomena that exist with a blend of Balinese culture and Pop culture.

In his work, Dwymabim wants to invite everyone into a point of view where beauty is something that is always sought and needed, therefore Dwymabim projects her as a woman with colors that have become the identity of Dwymabim, which are contrasting but can be a beautiful unity to be enjoyed in terms of aesthetics. By presenting a neat image, it is also a separate identity for Dwymabim.

Impact NFT
Seeds for a Child • 375 IDR
Google Play • Android
Safari • iPhone