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Kopernik • Smallholder Coffee Farmers
300 IDR
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Origin Story
Chinese characters, thousands of years old, were evolved from “shapes” and “images” rather than “alphabets”…

One fine stormy summer night, under the full blue moon, WAH, while on transit in Bali, inspired by ‘Sperm’ via his newly born Baby-WahWah, out of pure desperation, armed with sub-zero Western Art Theory but ozzing in Eastern sensitivity, fused with tons of ‘Chi’ and the stroke of ‘Lightning’, garnished with extra sense of depth and dimension as well as the most ‘Vibrant Colours’ in the history of Chinese calligraphy…

WAH, accidentally de-constructed and re-shaped the Chinese calligraphy in one single stroke…

The rest is history.
WAH, 22 years in the world of fashion since the mid-60’s in London, a one time hot-shot fashion designer in Hong Kong in the mid- 70’s, back to London in the 80’ frocking fashion off the high street, changed role in 1989 to become an intuitive culinary warrior, turning out eclectic concoctions for the discerning dinners in hard to find hidden locations in London..

One fine stormy summer night in 1995, out of the full blue-moon, while on transit in Bali, WAH, dropped his kitchen-knife & picked up a pellet-knife by mistake…armed with sub-zero Western Art theory but oozing in Eastern sensitivity, WAH, out of pure desperation, accidentally de-constructed and re-shaped the thousands of years old black & white Chinese Calligraphy into a most vibrant new dimension..

WAH, has since done countless Solo Exhibitions across South-East Asia and is currently residing in Bali, that’s another Story..

WAH’s works are currently in the hands of many international corporations, banks, 5 star hotels n’ prominent private collectors…

Showing 365 days a week at :

* Studio WW ~ 8 Gang Merpati, Batu Belig, Bali, Indonesia.
* WW ~ Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
* Moziac ~ Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
* The Ayana Resort ~ Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia.
* BVLGARI Resort ~ Bukit, Bali, Indonesia.
* The Datai ~ Langkawi, Malaysia.
* Ritz Carlton Residences ~ all of 110 apartments in K.L., Malaysia.
* Asiatique ~ Dempsey Road, Tanglin Hill, Singapore.
* Chateau Labergorce ~ Margaux, Bordeaux, France.

Kopernik | Mural Fest 2022 • Bali Collective
Smallholder Coffee Farmers

To serve underserved and disadvantaged people around the world by striving to find more effective solutions to poverty reduction. Kopernik harnesses their strengths in lean experimentation and data collection, along with our high-risk appetite to test new ideas and find what works.
Connecting Small Coffee Farmers to New Markets.
The Problem
The majority of smallholder farmers live below the global poverty line.
Supporting smallholder coffee farmers to produce better quality products, good packaging, and connect them to higher end markets.

Assisting the smallholder coffee farmers in the development of branding, packaging, promotion, and marketing of the coffee products.
Expected Impact
By establishing a connection between smallholder coffee farmers and higher end markets, the farmers’ incomes will increase.
Raising Goals
44,000,000IDR • $2,932USD

Social Impact NFT
Kopernik • Smallholder Coffee Farmers
300 IDR
Google Play • Android
Safari • iPhone