Mural Fest

Micah Black

Oakland, CA.

OT Circus
709 Central Ave. NW, Downtown

Lead & Broadway
320 Broadway SE, EDo

Inspired by super-mutant heroes and the world of street art, artist Micah Black started painting at a young age and never stopped.

Now living in the Bay Area, Mr. Black can usually be found contemplating over a cup of coffee while creeping through pages of mythology, history books and or searching for unwanted antique gold/junk to paint on. Black’s inter-active mixed media work attempts to poke a stick at man's subconscious, to throw a rock through the window of what we all perceive as reality and simpler concepts like equality.

Galleries have been swindled into letting Mr. Black show his paintings around California, invoked other artists and establishments to let him curate, and even attempted to teach DIY art workshops.

If you would like inquire about art or perhaps to grab a cup of joe with the artist. Send a quick MESSAGE and Mr.Black will reply as soon as he’s done painting on things and stuff.