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Mothership Alumni • Arts Initiative. Albuquerque, NM. Est. 2016

The Mothership Alumni (TMA) is a collective of street artists, photographers, designers, musicians, muralists, filmmakers, and other creative energies serving Albuquerque, New Mexico and its surrounding areas. The Mothership Alumni provide new and established artists with platforms to promote themselves and their art through affordable, all-inclusive events and opportunities for community participation.


Cyrus Moses aka "Bird-noise" has been creating Art since he could hold a marker. His style of Art is a mixture of spontaneous movement and playful expressive character.

Cyrus is a community event organizer, has been involved in Theater, Poetry, Art and Dance in Albuquerque Public Schools, contracted for Children Youth and Family Department doing workshops, and recently instructed an Aerosol art class at Sandia Pueblo school. Moses is also a Certified Natural Therapeutics Specialist and respects the medicinal power of Art.

What do you love most about Albuquerque?
I love New Mexico, the chill pace of daily life mixed with a high vibe of culture. Low riders and street cyphers. Crooked politicians and biscochitos. New Mexico is like a word that you misspelled. No replacement found